What is Celsius HODL mode? 💰 what is Celsius Network What is Celsius HODL mode? 2024 {UPDATED}

What is Celsius HODL mode

Celsius HODL mode is a feature provided by Celsius Network that enables users to earn interest on their crypto holdings without having to worry about market volatility. HODL mode is essentially an automated savings account for crypto, where users can deposit their assets and earn interest rates of up to 8.88% APY. Once activated, the HODL mode automatically renews the user’s deposit for the same term and rate, making it an easy and hassle-free way to earn passive income on crypto holdings. Additionally, users can withdraw their funds at any time without penalty or lock-up periods. Overall, the HODL mode feature of Celsius Network provides a simple and effective way for crypto investors to earn interest on their holdings while still maintaining control over their assets.