Company about

PHDELITE is research scholars mentorship group. Here in PHDELITE, we mentor research scholars and professionals from diferent industries. We understand every client requirement and problem they have. It is our prior responsibility to collect correct requirement and validate at many steps so that appropriate solution can be developed and delivered within analysed timeframe.

We believe every mentee have different and challenging problems, to solve, we have professionals from different domain and technologies, reffred as "Subject Matter Experts". Each expert have decades of experience which help our client to reach a very optimized solution in fastes possible accurate way.

We have competancies in handling big and complex data as well as AI solutions including NLP and computer vision. Besides that we are expert in web and desktop application development too. As our All experts belong to multiple domain and industry, we can confidently handle each and every problem smoothly. Based on the requirement, partial or full service can be provided to client at very competitive prices.

Mission And Vision

Company about

PHDELITE aims to provide best mentorship to research scholars around the world. As at PHDELITE, we have wide range of expertise and functional knowledge, we try to deliver finest solutions of all. We have mentorship from industry professionals and subject matter experts across the globe.

Privacy And Security

Company about

1. Your research data once handed over to us i.e. soft copies of article or research documents are kept confidential and used for internal purposes.
2. We maintan backup of your assets for next six months, in case of any data crash or data loss at your end, can be recovered from us.
3. It is our Commitment and full responsibility to keep confidential your information and assets.
4. Your data is digitally secured with password protected software.